Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Perspectives of an Indian Kind

The moniker of this blog of course, is a play on Encounters of the Third Kind. I love being tongue-in-cheek, and this blog is going to be that, and reflective of all things Indian and all things not. A little personal background:

I am 27 years old, female, and live in Southern California. I will be moving to the Philadelphia area within 4 months to pursue a new, married existence. Culturally speaking, I'm an amalgamation. I spent my formative years in Chennai, India. I was born in Kolkata, and I spent summers there. I'm deeply connected to my Indian heritage and the North Indian + South Indian perspective in itself is something that is a basic part of me. When I turned 17, we moved to the US. Not too much of a culture shock because I'd been here for vacations, but it's been an experience learning and growing "American". As I sit at my American desk working on my computer manufactured in China, sip my British hot chocolate, my Indian mind is brimming with memories, thoughts and ideas, needing to be shared. It's a global village, and this villager has a lot to say! So here's to a beginning of multicultural perspectives coming together to form a creative dialogue. This is important as the world continues to evolve as it has been. A new beginning to a new world.

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  1. The world is a complex mossaic of which we are all intricate patterns. There is a place for everyone in a very selective motif. The symphony of mankind would not be complete without each player striking their perfect notes.I look forward to this blog as a opportunity to share my perception of life with many others.